Surveillance-Sharing Agreements Key to BTC ETF Approval

By Standard Kepler

In a bold and somewhat contentious move, industry giants including Fidelity Investments, BlackRock, ARK Investment Management, WisdomTree, and Valkyrie are jockeying to secure approval for the first spot bitcoin ETF from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). However, at Standard Kepler, we maintain a cautiously pessimistic stance regarding this development, primarily due to the condition of a surveillance-sharing agreement (SSA).

Understanding the Implications of SSAs

The SSA, an integral part of the application process, represents a collaboration between cryptocurrency exchanges and regulators or market surveillance providers, enabling the sharing of trading data and information. The intention is to enhance transparency and integrity in the cryptocurrency market, given that it operates outside conventional regulatory frameworks.

A Potential Hurdle in ETF Approval

However, our analysis at Standard Kepler suggests that the necessity of an SSA may present a significant stumbling block for the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF. Despite the recent flurry of filings, the SEC remains unsatisfied, requiring more detailed information on these agreements. Their approval will be contingent upon a comprehensive SSA that can effectively mitigate risks associated with market manipulation and other illicit activities.

Yet, a question arises – can the SSA’s promise of increased transparency and security be enough to sway the SEC’s concerns? Despite the commitments of asset management giants to adjust their applications, there is a possibility that the SEC might not approve the ETF but instead push investors towards platforms like EDX Markets.

EDX Markets: A Viable Alternative?

EDX Markets, the pioneering digital asset marketplace, offers a robust platform for compliant trading of digital assets via trusted intermediaries. With its forthcoming EDX Clearing, it promises to provide a more efficient and competitive marketplace for its users.

As EDX continues to gain traction, with backing from significant financial institutions and success in its recent investment round, it may emerge as an attractive alternative for investors in the crypto markets. Consequently, instead of waiting for the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF, investors may find trading through platforms like EDX a more viable option.

While the introduction of a spot bitcoin ETF could change the game in the ETF industry, it doesn’t negate the importance of careful due diligence. No matter what form the market takes – whether ETFs gain approval or platforms like EDX prevail – investors must remain informed and vigilant.

Looking Ahead

The challenges in getting an ETF approved, the potential shift in the SEC’s approach, and the rise of EDX Markets all point to a highly uncertain future for the spot bitcoin ETF. At Standard Kepler, we advise investors to keep a close eye on these developments and make informed decisions based on the evolving landscape.