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Standard Kepler Blockchain Development Services in Hong Kong

Blockchain Development

Premium UHNWI Cryptocurrency Services Customized for High Net Worth Individuals in Hong Kong

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Institution clients

Custom Blockchain Development: Helping institutions develop and implement custom blockchain solutions tailored to their specific business needs.

Regulatory Compliance and Licensing Assistance: Guiding institutions through the regulatory landscape, and assisting them in obtaining the necessary licenses to operate within the crypto space including VASP and Crypto Trust in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Education and Training Programs: Providing institutions with educational resources and training programs to help them understand blockchain technology and make informed decisions.

Legal Guidance: Providing legal guidance and support for institutions involved in blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.

Individual clients

Tailored UHNWI Services: Providing bespoke services to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, including personalized investment strategies, block trading, and concierge services.

Crypto Credit Card Applications: Assisting individuals in applying for crypto-backed credit cards, which allow them to spend cryptocurrencies conveniently.

Taxation and Reporting Assistance: Helping individual clients understand and fulfill their tax obligations related to cryptocurrency transactions.

Security and Wallet Services: Offering solutions for secure storage of cryptocurrencies, including hardware wallets and secure custodial services.

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