Standard Kepler’s David Tang Commenting in SCMP – Bunny Token

By Standard Kepler

The South China Morning Post today published an article covering Bunny Token, a proposed cryptocurrency for the adult entertainment industry, in which Standard Kepler made the following comments:

To be sure, ethereum blockchain may not be completely anonymous, said David Tang, managing director of Standard Kepler, a Hong Kong-based advisory firm on initial coin offerings.

“Transactions are still traceable on the ethereum blockchain, such as fund flows and interactions related to blockchain addresses, although the owner of that address may not be visible,” Tang said.

In the final analysis, the success or failure of the Bunny depends on its liquidity, or how easy it is to buy or sell, or for a token holder to cash out. Bitcoin and ethereum are the world’s two biggest, and most liquid cryptocurrencies.

It might be worth questioning the need for yet another new cryptocurrency on an existing blockchain, when there are already other existing cryptocurrencies that can solve the same issue. It would seem the simple question “why” should be asked more often in the crypto sector. We are always glad to share our perspective on blockchain technology and trends, and invite more sharing of perspectives and insights from the blockchain community as a whole.